Our Thoughts on Panama-Poetry Style

IGERT Panama 2015

We’re learning how species coexist
Why diversity in temp’rate zones is missed
-The evolutionary mysteries
Of avian life histories-
This community of scholars: mental bliss!

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Agouti Courtship

She had simply had enough
Of him showing off his stuff
That little Agouti
Who carried on his booty
An overly eager butt fluff.

The Jungle is Green with…

The birds we love to see
Often live high up in trees
But the biggest poos
That fall on you
Are green bombs dropped from Howler monkeys.

Tropical Snowballs

When you see a white face peering down
You think a Capuchin you’ve found
But a closer look
(You wish you hadn’t took)
Reveals two white testes, so round!

The work of: Tara Stewart, Victoria Reed, Alyssa Bader, Christina Ruiz, Elise Nishikawa, Lynette Strickland


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