Barro Colorado, Mixing Colors

You may enjoy hours exploring and admiring this piece of paradise: this haven of tranquility where nature harmoniously concentrated a lush variety of animals and plants, some of which have co-evolved seeming friendships persisting beyond any individual’s time on this island.

The clarity of water from small streams, in their quiet meandering gently crossed by the grooves of beautiful trails, contrasts with the thousand-and-one surrounding shades of green shrubs and brown stubble. Seemingly deserted puddles exhibit joyful dances, their floating insects occasionally darting beneath the fallen leaves dappled in canopy-filtered sunlight.

You may not behold this landscape with indifference for its spectacle will remain indelibly in your heart.

IMG_1350photo 3

 Anakena Castillo-Indicasat-aip

Edition by Holly and Sofía (McGill University)